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Suddenly realised as I sit on my bag, on the floor of the train that’s so kindly transporting me back home in style, that now would perhaps be a good time to fill you in on yesterday and today’s activities. Because let’s be honest, I really have nothing else to do.

Well, my very brief moment in the limelight wasn’t too bad…stupidly nervous beforehand though, and seemed to lose my ability to stand, move and smile normally! But apart from that. Luckily the shot has worked out really well, shows off our fresh aqua/green kitchen & bathroom colours perfectly. Not that I’m at all biased because of all the scrummy cakes that were used, and almost inhaled by all the team as soon as Penny was finished shooting! Mmmmm.

The possible front cover shot was also finished today. So excited and really hope we’ll use it. It features one of my favourite colours from Fashion for Walls (Summer Pudding) and is just, well, fun. And putting my little marketing assistant head on, will definitely have the wow factor in store.

 new front cover

This morning then brought the penultimate day of the shoot, there seemed loads still to do! But of course, everything went smoothly. Two completely different themed rooms; one dark & intense bedroom with Indian influences, the other a fun, 70’s retro inspired living room with a cool Eames rocking chair thrown in the mix. When I say ‘thrown’, I mean carefully placed and propped to within millimetres…but you get my drift.

And here I am, still on my bag, and still on my train. So what am I thinking? Well for one thing, I’m definitely not a fan of being photographed for national distribution! (note to self for next year.) I like colourful cakes and lots of tea, and could really do with one right now. But I guess what I’m really thinking is how amazing all the photographs look and how I cannot wait to see them all printed in next year’s colour guide, it will look truly fab. I’ll have my autograph pen at the ready! Not.

Sal x


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So, it’s my first day on the Crown 2010 colour guide shoot and I love this part of my job, definitely a perk of being marketing assistant for Crown! Two things enter my head as soon as I enter the house. One, I want to decorate, now. Two, fat chance of that because the house/shanty I live in is rented…and small enough to fit in the kitchen of this location house. Boo!

Still, I walk to where Penny (Photographer) has just finished a shot; a really fresh, charming yellow bedroom. It’s lovely, and does nothing to dampen my would-be decorating spirit!

On orders from my boss, I then grab a camera and start taking pic’s to show a behind the scenes view of the day and preparation…and promptly get roped in to building a chest of drawers, flat-packed lovingly by those lovely Scandinavians! We’re in the room where Mike (set builder) is painting neopolitan-esque stripes on the wall, which look good enough to eat! A mixture of pinks, milk chocolate browns and cream. Good for creating a different decorating effect on the wall, or just as an idea for scheming different colours together. I grab some tips from him and take a few snaps…  

Painting Stripes

Also managed to have a quick peek at one of the possible front cover setups. We’re hoping to do it a bit different this year and it’s looking fab. Really bright, fun, colourful and edgy. Plus it’s got painted shoes (painted shoes!!) Obviously not recommended for any Friday night out…but look cool all the same. That’s pretty much a very quick insight into my first day. Unfortunately for me tomorrow I’ve got to ‘model’ (*cough* *cough*) in the kitchen shot. Not too sure what to expect & slightly nervous about it all, but what the hell, do it for the team and all!! Will let you know tomorrow…

Sally x

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It is a warm evening at the start of autumn. I love the colours that appear in my garden at the break of the season – warm reds and plum tones that blend beautifully with natural wooden tones.  As a colour consultant for Crown Paints I write a monthly newsletter, brimming with inspiration and tips on how to use colour in the home, and I think I have just found my inspiration for the latest newsletter. 

I am really inspired by these gorgeous plum shades, Crown have a beautiful selection including the rich tones of  Armangac, Prom Night and Just Plum, and lighter shades of Cashmere, Velvet Plum and Gentle. These scrumptious seasonal hues can be used to create a surprisingly diverse range of looks; everything from lending a modern look to a period cottage, to creating a quirky and directional bedroom for any stylish woman.

Plum tones are great to use at this time of year for a chic update, as they can be used in so many different ways. They can be teamed with whites or neutral tones for a classic look, or with pops of colour (like Crown’s mouth-watering Summer Pudding) if you want to create something a bit more playful. 

Actually the more I look at these colours – the more excited I am about the variety of colour schemes that can be created with rich plums and deep lilac tones. In the brightness of summer, I had forgotten how wonderfully warm these berry shades are.  Not only do they work so well with other colours, they can also beautifully offset rich tactile fabrics like velvet or even simple natural linens. So all in all, they are the perfect paints to use if you are looking to create a snug home as the summer begins to fade away. 

All this talk of warm rich colour reminds me that I am popping to my neighbour’s tonight to pickle the pears from our pear tree ready for Christmas – they are truly delicious !

 Love Judy

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Phew! Three days in a photographic studio in London is nearly coming to a close and I am exhausted but delighted with the results so far.

We are bringing to life the thoughts and inspirations of the 2010 Crown Trend Panel with our amazing photography and style team Uli Schade and Roberta Ellingsen Holm.

The Crown Trend Panel met back in early summer, to discuss colour influences for the UK in 2010. From a series of meetings 6 exciting colour trends evolved.

The Crown Trend panel brings togther the creative minds of inspirational individuals with a shared passion for colour. The 2010 team consists of, Judy Smith Crown Colour Consultant, Wendy Dagworthy, Professor of Fashion & Textiles at the Royal College of Art, Roberta Ellingsen Holm, Creative Director & Stylist, The Stencil Library, Arianne Poole, Make Up Artist, Kate Morrose, Graphic Designer & Illustrator, plus Kathryn Lloyd from The Crown Trade Colour Service, and myself.

We are shooting 18 new inspirational images that will be launched in a few weeks time to the UK media to present the colour and trend predictions of Crown Paints for 2010.

This is one of the most exciting projects that I work on, I love it. The colours and combinations of colours for 2010 are really exciting.  Without wanting to give the game way too early, palettes represent a mix from the heat of the Mexican desert to the elegance of Paris.  The trends can be translated for both interior and exterior applications using Crown Paint, Sandtex or Sadolin colours & finishes.

The new images really capture the influences of the collective thoughts of the Crown Trend Panel. They show colour proportions in a new way, exploring the 6 trend themes with strong visual impact.

The style team have captured beautifully the mood of each trend with descriptive and colourful props to represent the proportions of colours.

Kevin our expert decorator from the Crown Trade team lends a helping hand

The shots so far…..the wall of Polaroid’s

Next step – train back to Liverpool for a weekend of sleep and picking my fantasy football team!

Look out for more information coming soon on Crown 2010 Trends on

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