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What is your name?
Sally Hutchinson
What is your job at Crown Paints?
Marketing Assistant for Crown
What is the best bit about your job?
Ok, so bit of a geek as pretty much enjoy all of it! Help out in most areas, from the fun stuff like press launch to ever so slightly more boring spreadsheet stuff. Taking delivery of 10,000, yes, 10,000(!!!) chocolate bars last year was also a possible highlight… Probably should also mention the team I work with seeing as they’ve all thought to say nice things, haha. They’re great, really good crack.
What is your favourite room in the house and why?
Recently moved back home to the parents so now being treated to comfy sofa’s in the living room and a kitchen full of food, something I’ve not experienced for quite a while! I’m also a fan of my bedroom right now as it’s full of all the stuff from my old house including my ‘authentic’ Egyptian rug and copper lantern which is definitely not made in China (*cough*)love these items and make the room proper cosy.
What is your favourite colour?
Orange, it’s bright, fun and a bit cheeky
If you were any Crown colour, what would it be?
Probably Summer Pudding…sun & food, 2 of my absolute favourite things
If you could pick a new name for a Crown colour, what would it be?
Beach bum
What has been your biggest DIY disaster?
Haven’t really painted lots due to renting, but my old house itself was an actual, full on DIY disaster…lilac carpet (from the first time it was cool) and a peach raggy curtain & walls in the kitchen. Peach. Enough said.
Where and what would your dream home be?
Argh too many places. Either a huge millionaire’s mansion on a beach road in Perth, a villa in Sorrento, OR, a proper old, cosy, stone house in the country. But obviously when I become a millionaire I won’t have to make such hard choices…
Most people have a dedicated outfit for decorating. What’s yours?
Shorts, old haiviana flip flops and vest top. Sexy.
What one piece of furniture could you not live without?
My bed and yep, that old Egyptian rug… J



I was recently indulging in a little online retail therapy, when I came across Jil Sander’s gorgeous SS10 collection on theoutnet and noticed how very much like Crown’s New Mexico trend it is. The sharp citrus brights, sandy greys and a spectrum of intense to watery blues are just like the ones the panel chose last summer, and I was thrilled to see that we were all on the same wavelength as such a tour de force from the world of fashion!
It led me to think how the trend is perfect for summer decorating, and to ponder how the look can be translated across different rooms of the home and even into the garden…
Both The New Mexico palette and Jil Sander’s collection are packed full of bold summery brights and these shades are echoed in Crown’s new Feature Wall range. Try using the zingy Cuban Heat™, the intense blue Laguna Bay™ or the citrusy Chartreuse Mix to add a bold colour punch to any room or even out into the garden. The colours look as stunning on the wall’s as they would on you, and can be paired with lighter versions of themselves, or with dusty greys and neutrals, for a truly modern look. The best way to accessorize this trend is with an eclectic mix of furniture and keepsakes. The modern shades can be really brought to life by juxtaposing them with interesting pieces garnered from junk shops and car boot sales. They also make a dramatic impact when paired with natural dark wooden flooring.

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