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What a fab final day to the Crown Colour Trends & Influences 2011 shoot! We're all a little bit sad, a little bit exhausted but very happy with how the colour palettes and images have turned out.

Our final day started with the lovely Ellie from MyDeco and Francesca from the Sunday Mirror, Homes and Hoildays  popping down to have a look around the sets, a sneak peak at the final shots and a chat with the trends panel, Judy and myself  from Crown and of course the fabulous Ali Brown from Homes & Gardens

The team have been working hard to make sure we're all wrapped up by the end of the day, and today was all about creating the still life shots to accompany the feature images. The finished products look set to be really beautiful, colourful and stylish.

With fellow panelists garden designer, Kathryn Hibberd and furniture designer Tom Price paying us a visit to see how it was all going going, it was a jam packed shoot today.

So that's it! The shoot is complete, the house is just about back to normal and the final still life shot is being taken. Thanks to everyone who helped make the shoot happen and we can't wait to share the final shots and Crown Colour Influences with you!

Watch this space!

Jo & Judy

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luke and jo

Today saw the last of the large room set shots come together beautifully, with the final exterior shot  (working quickly before the rain came back again) and a bathroom shot completed by mid afternoon.

The 2011 Crown Influences shots are looking stunning and are a glowing testament to the hard work of the whole behind-the-scenes team. From a shot inspired by the simplistic beauty of African tribal dress, to a living space evoking the essence of the cosmos, there really is a theme and palette in this year’s Crown Colour Influences to inspire anyone to decorate. 

Whilst the morning was buzzing with activity and people, including a very lucky journalist from Real Homes Magazine, who was given a sneak preview behind the scenes. We also had a videographer documenting the action, so watch this space for a full behind the scenes movie coming soon.

Judy & Jo

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jo and judy

Day 1 of the Crown Colour Trend & Influences shoot kicked off to a flying start yesterday. In the heart of North London in a gorgeous location house, filled with beautiful odds and ends and packed with character. This is the perfect setting to bring the ideas of the 2011 Crown Colour Influencers to life. 

For the next three days is the home of Crown Paints it's here that amazing stylist, and Crown Colour Panel member Ali Brown, is bring our 2011 colour themes to life.


Yesterday morning started with setting up bright and early outside – heavy rain was forecast but thankfully we got through most of the morning without a drop. So with the sun just about shining, the three outdoor trends, incorporating Crown, Sadolin and Sandtex colours were set up and shot with the help of the rest of the crew consisting of set builders and photographers.


All the sets look beautiful and it is very exciting to see the Crown Colour Trends come to life after months of build up, preparation and meetings. A whole array of brand new colours are being used, and we don't want to say too much and ruin the surprise of the finished article but you are in for a treat!

More tomorrow

Love Jo & Judy


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