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This month we’re sharing our exciting new Colour Influences for Spring Summer 2012, starting this week Joanna Feeley, member of the Crown Paints trend panels and Founder and Creative Director of the Trend Bible, shares her thoughts on the first colour palette – Summer Jewels.

Joanna, who has 13 years of experience in trend forecasting for fashion, home interiors and lifestyle brands, was a key influence in pulling the Summer Jewel colour palette together. Here are her thoughts on the trend and how it’s beautiful colours can be used in the home.

What I love personally about this palette is that it’s so versatile; it’s vibrant and optimistic, with its shocking colour clash between the pink (Scan® T9372X)* and yellow (Scan® B8573X)*.

If you look at our story behind the mood for this trend, it’s inspired by 1950s Palm Springs, where architecture helps create an outdoor lifestyle, with sliding glass walls and furniture that performs indoors and out. We’re starting to see this type of design used more frequently here in the UK, where outdoor heaters and lighting are facilitating our use of outdoor space, despite our somewhat unpredictable weather.

Using some of the bolder colours in this palette, like the pink and yellow, for feature walls or woodwork adds drama. These shades can even be used in the garden, on plant pots and garden furniture – adding a pop of colour which sits beautifully against a backdrop of lush green foliage.

If you consider the wonderful blues and greens – you can create a really relaxing, aquatic colour harmony – reminiscent of a Palm Springs swimming pool. Cool Stepping Stone® on walls and Deep Ivy Solo® Gloss on woodwork is an ideal solution for updating any hall or lounge.

These colours are really sophisticated despite the intrusion of brights. The dark moody green and teal shades add drama and depth to any room, while the bright pink looks fantastic when against a lush tropical backdrop – even if this is only house plant ferns!

If I was to sum up this palette in five words I would say it’s: tropical, aquatic, vibrant, energetic and sophisticated.

*Pink (Scan® T9372X) and yellow (Scan® B8573X) are tinted colours available from Crown Decorating Centre.

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Inspiration can be taken from almost anywhere and can provide motivation for personal creativity. It’s said that the right inspiration can help spark ideas, fashion preferences, home decorating choices or even music taste – in singer, Lana Del Rey’s case, it has certainly done that.

The soulful New Yorker, originally named Lizzie Grant, takes her inspiration from the 50’s and 60’s. She moulds her smoky vocals with vintage style visuals, taking short vintage stills that were recorded around the same time to accompany her narrative and stand out music video.

Rey, who adores the energy and colour that these video stills deliver, has managed to kick start a new wave of vintage – taking past styles and presenting them in a modern light.

If you want to recreate a 60’s inspired living room, a psychedelic 70’s kitchen or even a throw-back 80’s bedroom – lovers of vintage style can reignite their colourful pasts with our own Vintage® collection in collaboration with Wayne and Gerardine Hemingway.

No matter what decade you’re after, this collection will help inspire any interior space, from the flapping 40’s, swinging 60’s or even 80’s new rave.

For a real a vintage boost combine Pedel Pushing Lemon® and Rockin’ Around® to help reminisce the vibes of the 50’s or Hot Pants® and Easy Rider® for a 60’s inspired interior.

For more information on all Crown Paints ranges, please visit our site here.

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With Valentine’s Day looming it seems the whole country has gone into a floral frenzy, with couples giving into the pressure to become a romantic and express their feelings by showering each other with gifts.

But if this isn’t you, fear not for 14th February doesn’t have to be all about celebrating romance, it can be about independence and self love. The singletons of the UK are now fighting back, creating the ‘anti-Valentine’s movement’ – and what a perfect excuse to start celebrating you!

Even large card companies that normally capitalise on the commercial benefit of Valentine’s Day, are succumbing to this movement – shops now stock a range of merchandise mocking the annual tradition. Cards are now available as a way of celebrating singledom, even given as a means of finishing a relationship, with phrases such as, “we’re both looking for the same thing…someone else”.

If you’re in support of this movement, let Crown help celebrate you this Valentine’s. When choosing an interior colour scheme, steer clear of the typical reds and pinks, instead opt for Little Black Dress® from our Indulgence® range and refreshing Mojito from our Fashion for Walls collection.

By adding striking, vibrant colours to your walls, you can let your individual personality really shine through!

For more exciting colour options why not shop our feature wall range here.

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