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This week, we’re inspired by Danny Boyle’s plans for this summer’s biggest, sporting opening ceremony, where Countryside Chic meets Cool Britannia.

2012 is the year of the Brit. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations may be over, but don’t take down your bunting just yet. The Games will soon be upon us and the nation will be out in full force to cheer on Team GB. With only a month to go until the eagerly anticipated opening ceremony, directed by Trainspotting director Danny Boyle, Boyle and his team have one chance to create a spectacle of stunts and surprises that will define exactly what it means to be British… all to an estimated global audience of one billion. No pressure then.

So how has Boyle and his creative team chosen to represent the nation? The ceremony will open with a tribute to Britain as a pastoral idyll – think English country gardens, tea and cake, Handel and Elgar. This will give way to Boyle’s re-awakening of our Rock n’ Roll roots and Punk past, featuring songs from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols.

At Crown Paints, we’re joining the nation by celebrating the best of British culture and design throughout the decades. Our Crown Vintage® collection is inspired by five decades of Britain’s rich and colourful past. So if you’re looking for a traditional heritage look, why not try teaming Enamel Green with Crew Cut Cream®?

Bring out your inner rebel with a bold splash of Shoulder Pad Purple® or re-create that 70’s retro vibe with Bell Bottoms®. For those of you who fancy drawing inspiration from our national flag, Culture Cream®, Blue Monday® and Ra Ra Red® are the perfect patriotic trio.

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‘Steel’ Tom Ford’s Interior Style

Having come across images of fashion tycoon Tom Ford’s sleek and stylish London townhouse, it comes as no surprise that the decor reflects his style impeccably.

Aside from the strikingly contemporary kitchen that looks intimidatingly immaculate, what captured our attention most were the steel walls and ceiling in the living room. Our initial view was that the heavy metal walls would create a cold, harsh feel to the room, but we quickly changed our mind.

Tom’s metallic addition to interiors proves that the incorporation of industrial materials can in fact add warmth, colour and character. However, if you aren’t as brave as Mr Ford, it’s not just steel that can be used to achieve this look. Architecture firms Delson and Randy Thueme Design both use copper to help soften this strong look, proving glowing colour doesn’t overwhelm, but certainly makes a statement. The metal can be cut into wavy ribbons and fitted horizontally across the walls to create a contemporary, chic and stylish living space.

If you fancy making a similar, but less drastic and certainly more cost effective statement, you may find that by using grey tones such as Smoulder®, Silver Mine® and Steel Drum® will enable you to achieve this look. If it’s copper tones you’re after, why not use Millionaire® or Striking® from our glamorous Metallic® range.

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Chanel Cruising into 2012

If you’re looking for a way to instantly add some elegance to your interiors, look no further than the brand that just screams indulgence – Chanel.

This week, Karl Lagerfeld showcased Chanel’s latest Cruise collection for 2012/13 at the beautiful gardens of the Versailles Palace in France. Karl was in his element as he presented his latest designs to the achingly hip fashion crowd. The collection was warmly received by all, with the beautiful gardens reflecting its dripping opulence.

In our opinion, Lagerfeld managed to outdo himself yet again, going to great lengths to ensure that Chanel remains at the height of luxury.

The Cruise collection plays with a Marie Antoinette theme – the last Queen who occupied the Palace. The fabrics are much more casual than what was worn in Marie Antoinette’s day, the collection is modern, combining shape, colour and embroidery.

For a spring update why not try and capture a piece of Karl’s brilliance with shades from our Indulgence® range. The rich designer shades give walls a velvety finish, perfect for creating a glamorous entertaining space that you and your friends will love. Living rooms can be updated with a regal Tuscan Olive® green while dining rooms look great with splashes of Armagnac® and Aspen Silver®.

If you’re tempted to experiment with glamour why not order a selection of our Pure Paint® samples to see how fabulous your interiors could look.

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