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Creating a Colour Scheme

At Crown, we encourage you to be bold with colour but sometimes those lacking colour confidence need a little help, that’s why we’ve outlined a few simple rules to help you make your mark on your home. The following tips can help you create a flawless colour scheme that any interior designer would be proud of.

Rule 1 – Establish the feel and function first

It sounds simple but before even touching the masking tape decide on a clear goal for your space, do you want your room to be warm and cosy like this Bedroom in Mustard Jar, light and airy like this Living Room in Mellow Sage and Botanical Extract or decadent and indulgent like this Dining Room in English Fire and Soft Ochre.

Once you’ve decided then you’ll have determined your frame of reference for colours, don’t stray too far from what you know will work to achieve your goal for the room.

Rule 2 – The golden ratio – 70%, 20%, 10%

Once you have your goal, the simplest colour schemes are made up of three colours, so pick three; one main colour and two accents, they break down into:
Dominant colour (70%) – Roughly 70% of the space of any given room should be given to the dominant colour, neutrals and more tonal colours are better for the dominant colour as this should be used for the walls.
Secondary colour (30%) – The secondary colour should be given 30% of the space in the room, choose a colour which traditionally complements your dominant colour and then apply to highlight areas such as coving and key pieces of furniture. The Secondary colour is also traditionally used for curtains and bedding in bedrooms.
Accent Colour (10%) – Finally the accent colour should be found in only 10% of the room. Accent colours should be as bright, bold, textured or metallic as you dare. The accent colour should create little pops of colour in the room and can be easily incorporated in soft furnishings, ornaments and plants.
You can see this work perfectly in this Bedroom the dominant colour is Cover Story the secondary Soft Shadow and the accent is the orange you can see in the curtains and soft furnishings. And don’t forget you can order samples from to help you decide on your scheme.
And there you have it, just two simple steps to help you create a beautifully finished room anywhere in your home.

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crown colour trends 2015

Take a look at three of the hottest interior design trends for Summer 2015, created by our team of colour consultants and experts – Playtime, Organic Discovery and Freedom of Expression.

Use our trends as inspiration and play around within the colours to create a style as individual as you are!


Our first trend, Playtime, is a sophisticated and fun approach to incorporating soft pastel shades into your home, to achieve this look fuse our playtime pastels with industrial and natural materials and a soft shade of grey. This look is ideal for bringing subtle colour splashes and individuality to any room in your home.

Organic Discovery

Incorporate the beauty of nature in your home this summer by injecting leafy greens and bursts of yellow to give your home a sunny glow even on washed out summer days! Suitable for every room in the home, complementing greens in softer organic shades work wonders when used on the walls to help bounce the light around, subtly creating interesting feature walls. To add depth to this look, be a shade braver with bolder, deeper greens on your woodwork and offset with warm tones of yellows brought in through accessories and larger furniture pieces.

Freedom of Expression

This adventurous trend combines bright and rich tones to make a bold and confident statement in your home. This trend works best when balanced with a large expanse of a calming tone – try our Milk White Matt emulsion.. Make sure you keep furniture modern and pared back, and introduce abstract patterns through cushions and throws to truly make your mark on your home.

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Every year Notting Hill Carnival brings West London to life, thanks to the sounds and smells of Europe’s biggest street festival. Held each August Bank Holiday since 1966, the carnival promises everything from delicious West-Indian cuisine to colourful headdresses and parades.

When we think of carnivals, we think of the colour, energy and joy they bring. With the vibrancy that inspires happiness and excitement, why not let go of your inhibitions and bring the party to your interiors?

Accessories are a great way to bring the carnival spirit into your home, these cushions are ideal for introducing sparks of refreshing greens and vibrant yellows. Alternatively, try out these colourful tealight candles to subtly mimic the metallic carnival style.

Another fantastic way you can bring the party into your home is by using colours from our Feature Wall range to introduce stunning shades that pop. Perfect for those who are daring with colour, create unique, on-trend space using Cuban Heat with Lime Green matt emulsion.

To learn more on the Notting Hill Carnival please click here or for interior inspiration, visit the Crown Paints Pinterest page here.

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If you fancy adding an extra touch of personality to interiors, try livening up walls with a stunning feature wall. Whether you’re bold with colour, or love the subtle approach, Crown Paints has a colour combination for you.

For those daring with colour
If you love nothing more than creating interiors that stand out, this is an idea perfect for you, Just follow our three simple steps:

Step 1: Draw your shape
Take a pencil to mark the outline on walls. For circles, use a pin and string to help achieve an even and symmetrical finish.

Step 2: Choose your colour and paint
To create a look similar to the photo, choose Chartreuse Mix – one of ten vibrant shades from our Feature Wall range. To view the full range of colours, please click here.

Step 3: Mask your wall and paint again

After waiting for the circle to dry, use strips of masking tape to create the cross. After this, simply paint between the two strips of masking tape using Scrumptious to create perfect lines on your feature wall.

For a video tutorial on how to achieve this look, head to our YouTube channel here

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