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It is a warm evening at the start of autumn. I love the colours that appear in my garden at the break of the season – warm reds and plum tones that blend beautifully with natural wooden tones.  As a colour consultant for Crown Paints I write a monthly newsletter, brimming with inspiration and tips on how to use colour in the home, and I think I have just found my inspiration for the latest newsletter. 

I am really inspired by these gorgeous plum shades, Crown have a beautiful selection including the rich tones of  Armangac, Prom Night and Just Plum, and lighter shades of Cashmere, Velvet Plum and Gentle. These scrumptious seasonal hues can be used to create a surprisingly diverse range of looks; everything from lending a modern look to a period cottage, to creating a quirky and directional bedroom for any stylish woman.

Plum tones are great to use at this time of year for a chic update, as they can be used in so many different ways. They can be teamed with whites or neutral tones for a classic look, or with pops of colour (like Crown’s mouth-watering Summer Pudding) if you want to create something a bit more playful. 

Actually the more I look at these colours – the more excited I am about the variety of colour schemes that can be created with rich plums and deep lilac tones. In the brightness of summer, I had forgotten how wonderfully warm these berry shades are.  Not only do they work so well with other colours, they can also beautifully offset rich tactile fabrics like velvet or even simple natural linens. So all in all, they are the perfect paints to use if you are looking to create a snug home as the summer begins to fade away. 

All this talk of warm rich colour reminds me that I am popping to my neighbour’s tonight to pickle the pears from our pear tree ready for Christmas – they are truly delicious !

 Love Judy

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