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Sherlock Holmes and his trusty sidekick, Dr Watson, return for what is already the biggest show of 2012. Okay, so it’s only January, but the second series has got everyone talking – great plots, style, humour and even interiors.

The BBC’s take on the Sherlock Holmes tales works because it’s a modern twist on something classic and the same goes for the amazing, inspirational sets too. Sherlock’s flat is a fabulous eccentric mix of pattern, colour and memorabilia. The question is, how do you achieve this unique look for yourself?

Well the answer is quite elementary. Think Victorian chic meets 2012 high society London, with a dash of bachelor pad style thrown in for good luck.

The use of strong, deep dramatic colours will help you recreate that air of mystique created felt in Holmes’ Baker Street flat – statement reds, vivid greens and royal blues are perfect to evoke a feeling of the past while living in a modern build.

Try combining colours from our Indulgence® collection – mix the traditional feel of Tuscan Olive and City Life with the drama of Prom Night® – for a paint scheme that delivers rich velvety hues.

Alternatively, experiment with Ballgown®, Scarlett Ribbon® or Velvet Plum from our Period Colours Dead Flat Matt collection, for shades that provide decadent warmth with a contemporary finish.

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