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‘Steel’ Tom Ford’s Interior Style

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Having come across images of fashion tycoon Tom Ford’s sleek and stylish London townhouse, it comes as no surprise that the decor reflects his style impeccably.

Aside from the strikingly contemporary kitchen that looks intimidatingly immaculate, what captured our attention most were the steel walls and ceiling in the living room. Our initial view was that the heavy metal walls would create a cold, harsh feel to the room, but we quickly changed our mind.

Tom’s metallic addition to interiors proves that the incorporation of industrial materials can in fact add warmth, colour and character. However, if you aren’t as brave as Mr Ford, it’s not just steel that can be used to achieve this look. Architecture firms Delson and Randy Thueme Design both use copper to help soften this strong look, proving glowing colour doesn’t overwhelm, but certainly makes a statement. The metal can be cut into wavy ribbons and fitted horizontally across the walls to create a contemporary, chic and stylish living space.

If you fancy making a similar, but less drastic and certainly more cost effective statement, you may find that by using grey tones such as Smoulder®, Silver Mine® and Steel Drum® will enable you to achieve this look. If it’s copper tones you’re after, why not use Millionaire® or Striking® from our glamorous Metallic® range.

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